TIP OF THE DAY: {Parenting 101}

I’m not gonna pull the “I’m a mother of 4 kids” card on you.  
This is not a lecture.
I really don’t know what I’m doing as a Mommy on a DAILY basis.
And finally, as taught to me by a dear friend, there’s one thing I know about Motherhood…  There is absolutely NO Mom out there that “has it all together”.  There just isn’t.  No matter what you think.

That said, I’m posting this tip because I’m a Mom and I get soooo frustrated sometimes, and there are certain tips I’ve come across that have been miracle workers for me.  This is one of those tips that I think EVERY Mommy should pass along.  It will help save your sanity.

Some days, I say the words, “If I have to tell you ONE MORE TIME to….” (you fill in the blank:  “put your shoes on, get dressed, brush your teeth…” etc.)  I swear the shoes-thing is my worst enemy.  It’s been known at my house for me to tell my kids to put their shoes on a billion and one times, and we get to the store and one child is barefoot.  (What?  I have 4 kids!  It happens!)  The worst time was when we got to school and (no I’m not joking) my 5-yr-old daughter had no shoes on.  FOR SCHOOL.  I was livid.  Our conversation on the way out the door to school had sounded something like this:

“Honey, go get your shoes on.”   Minutes later.  “Abigail.  Go get your shoes on or we’re gonna be late.”  A minute later.  “Abigail don’t forget to grab your lunch bag- and put your shoes on- you can’t go to school without shoes.  How many times to I have to tell you to do that!?  Com’on let’s go!  Com’on everyone we’re gonna be late! Get your shoes on, grab your jackets- let’s GO!”

Here’s the TIP:




It is soooooo funny how well this works.  The first time I tried it I literally started laughing.  It was as if my kids turned in to robots.  It was all I had to say- one word, and it usually worked the first time.  Best of all- no frustration and no dilly-dallying.  It’s amazing.  Simple.  Easy.

“Abigail.  SHOES.”

That’s it.  You will see your kid magically drop what they are doing and go put their shoes on.

“Addie.  Teeth.”

And she’ll go brush her teeth.




Try it today.

Share if it works 🙂