Sweet Cora Lynn {San Jose NICU Baby Photographer, Trisomy 13, 18, 21 Photography}

Little Cora was diagnosed with Trisomy 13 while in utero.  The Dr’s said she wouldn’t survive for long, and gave her a poor prognosis.  Cora decided to prove them all wrong- she just turned 4 months old and is doing very well!  Cared for by her loving parents, Cora is a fighter, and has a strong will to survive.  She came to visit me in my studio last month (for her 3 month birthday) and even gave me a sweet smile!!!  I am so grateful I got to meet this little angel.

Mom said she is starting to open her eyes a lot more now… I was lucky to snap this quick shot of a one-eye-open-grin.  What a little sweetie to give us this adorable expression!  If only babies could talk….

Thank you Good Samaritan Hospital Pediatric Staff for your referral! 

***If you know someone who is having or has had a baby affected by trisomy 13 or 18, please don’t hesitate to offer them my contact info to photograph their special moments.   I try to offer a few of these sessions for free every year, and have a special place in my heart for these babies and their sweet families.  Every child will be remembered- and I love to be a part of making those memories timeless through a photographic perspective.***