Henry and Connor Twin 2 yr old outdoor Family Session {San Jose Family Photographer}

I can’t tell you how awesome this session was- these two boys made us work stinkin’ HARD!!!  We were LITERALLY RUNNING the entire shoot.  Non-stop action.   I think Mom and Dad weren’t sure any photos would turn out at all… BOY will they love the results!  (I was literally squealing editing these pics!)

IMG_0785 copy

IMG_0766 copy

IMG_0812 copy

IMG_0817 copy

IMG_0821 copy

IMG_0831 copy

IMG_0903 copy

IMG_0956 copy

IMG_0875 copy

IMG_0843 copy

IMG_0883 copy

IMG_0954 copy

IMG_0977 copy

IMG_0996 copy

IMG_0998 copy

IMG_1015 copy


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