Christmas Fundraiser Wrap Up- Haitian Orphanage Fundraiser Results {San Jose Photography Fundraiser}

THANK YOU to ALL who contributed to this wonderful event!  The fundraiser was a HUGE success.  Ready for the total??????

I’m so stinkin’ proud of the fact that:



 That means that we paid for almost 4 months-worth of the orphanage’s entire costs!!!!   Our goal was $10,000, and we made it past the goal.  I couldn’t be happier.  The fact that it was all raised in $20 -$30 increments makes it all the more incredible.  The people that were a part of this endeavor were amazing- and I can’t give enough thanks to all those that supported, donated, volunteered, and helped throughout the event.   I can’t believe it’s all done.  Well… I still have a few pending orders and receipts to get to but for the most part, it’s all over.  I can’t begin to describe what a wonderful and meaningful Christmas this has been.   When I first posed the idea of having a fundraiser for the orphanage to my hubby, he said, “Sure.”    He had NO idea what that was going to mean to him, but he soon found out!

I must say, we’ve never done anything like this in our whole lives- so this was QUITE the undertaking.  Even just starting out trying to figure out all the legalities, tax stuff, logistics, etc… was quite daunting.  SO many people came out of the woodworks to help in raising the funds and putting on this 2-week fundraiser!  A huge group of young women from my church got together and made tons of delicious cookies to sell.  Mommies from my playgroup baked cookies, breads, made beautiful jar-mixes, etc.  My neighbors and close friends all came together and helped orchestrate the entire day, donating their time and energy to help out.  One sweet friend volunteered ALL of the Hot Cocoa Bar items… My neighbor donated 2 HUGE boxes of brand new clothing (tags still on!!!) to the orphans.  My Mother flew out to help.  My sister and her family, as well as both of my sweet Grandparents worked tirelessly making the bears to send to Haiti, and cutting out the adorable craft that everyone got to make and take home with them.  The list seriously goes on and on.  I feel like I can’t thank everyone enough for making this whole thing come together.  There are truly angels here on earth, and I’ve just worked with several of them!

I wish I could’ve documented the event better… but I was a bit tied up in the studio during the whole thing- but here are a few photos for you to get an idea of the undertaking of it all:


First off, and foremost, my greatest helpers the Elves!  Here they are in all their glory.  They were so helpful and great to have around.  Showing clients where to go, giving the children candy canes, drinking ALL the hot chocolate… They really worked hard! The Elf outfits were made by the talented OhSweetLittle on Etsy.  Also all of the volunteer aprons were hand-made by her.  She is absolutely amAzing.  She custom- makes everything she does and I’m blown away by her talent.  If you ever need something sewn… she’s your gal!

IMG_5608 copy

YW cookies for fundraiser copy

The youth group that made lots of the delicious goodies.

When people came they would first get their photos taken with me in the studio… This is a sample of what my day was like:

christmas mini accordian

Then, I would send them in to the other room where Santa was taking photos too.  Here’s a sample of what his day was like:

santa mini accordian

Haha!  Don’t worry- it wasn’t ALL like that… just wanted to show how great my husband was.  From 9am-4pm, Santa had zero breaks- and he “Ho, ho ho”‘d and chuckled through the whole thing!  I LOVE that man!  (But can someone please move that lock of hair out of his spectacles? Hee hee)

AGC_1185 copy

Mr. Claus was the BEST Santa EVER. My kids really DID see Mommy kissing Santa Claus that day!



The craft table had many volunteers… Here they are making hand-print bags to go to Haiti. I didn’t get to sneak out enough to photograph them all, but each and every one of the women that volunteered that day “earned their wings” for sure! So lovely :))))


Here’s a small glimpse of the photo gallery and food table. There was a great video playing of the kids in the Haitian orphanage made by my sister.


Click on the photos below to go to these amazing photographer’s websites and check them out!  They are awesome!!!

photo (4) copy

Allison you were AWESOME!  So giving with your time and talents.  Thank you SO much for sharing.  And thank your hubby for letting your participate too ;)))

Gaby-Clark-001 2 copy

An angelic friend of mine, Gaby Clark, of “Gaby Clark Photography” let us use her equipment for the Santa scene. What a generous person she is!!!

Here’s Jamie rockin’ the shot with Santa and his eldest Elf!  Thank you to all of the wonderful photographers who donated their time and talents to this event!

IMG_4917 copy

Jamie you were an INCREDIBLE photographer! So great with the kids. Jamie came for BOTH fundraiser days… she was tireless with the kiddies and helped Santa keep his beard out of his eyes… We just LOVED her! Thank you a million times over Jamie!

IMG_5338 copy

Nani- you are such a great friend, and such a great photographer!!!! I knew you would excel in Santa’s Workshop… your photos were adorable and priceless! Thank you for volunteering your time and exceptional talents! Everyone needs to go check out your photography by clicking on the photo above! It’s called “Nani Glass Photography” on facebook, and on the web. Check her out!

IMG_5341 copy

Wondering who made those delicious homemade, FRESH rolls???? Nancy you were so awesome. Thank you for stuffing so many bears to send to the kids in Haiti! They are going to LOVE those! You’re the best!!!

IMG_5342 copy

These were the bears that my sister/Mom/Grandparents/Family prepared so that everyone who came to the fundraiser could help decorate, stuff, and finish up these sweet toys. We also decorated bags with all of the kids’ handprints and names that the bears will go in, along with a little treat and note for each child at the orphanage. The other craft was a cute Christmas tree that each kid got to decorate. It said, “I—– helped a Haitian Orphanage today!” They got to keep them to display at home. Such a great idea!

IMG_5343 copy

Karen… you are seriously an angel. She ran the show! Even after everything was all over, she was still filling out orders and helping ornaments be delivered safely… I couldn’t have done this without you Karen. You are the walkie-talkie QUEEN!

IMG_5345 copy

Mmmmmmmmmmmm. Tess’ Treats cupcakes were to die for. All my friends made the rest of the food… the Cookie-in-a-jar jars went FAST.

IMG_5346 copy

As I didn’t get to snap photos of all the volunteers, I’d like to say a special THANK YOU to my dear friends: Noreen, Nancy, Julie, Deborah and “Grams”, Allison, Jamie, Karen, Sarah, Mom, Jennifer, Gaby, Nani, Mindi, The YW of the LDS Bernal Chapel, Heather, Emily, Jill, Kimberly, Linda, Jessie, Vanessa, and all of the other volunteers that made this day happen!  Thank you to the Moon and beyond!

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