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Going on a trip to Cali!!! Spring Mini and Full Sessions- California Clients only!

Thursday, April 7th, 2016

YES!  It’s true!  I’m coming back to my hometown of San Jose, CA.  I can’t wait to see you all!  Please read these instructions before registering for your Mini or Full session spot.  Here’s all the info you’ll need!  I”ll be updating this page as questions come in… hopefully I’ve anticipated all of the questions you might have in advance so this isn’t confusing.  But if it IS confusing, please forgive this crazy lady of yours ;)))


You can register for a Mini session (ONE 15 minute slot) or a FULL session (FOUR 15 minute slots.)  So the mini’s are 15 minutes long, and the full sessions are one hour long.  I might need to adjust your time plus or minus a couple of slots as registration is filled and the need arises.   Please only choose one or the other.  The sign up link will be LIVE at 8pm PST, April 7th, 2016.



Be SURE to schedule your slot around your baby’s nap time!!!!  You do NOT want a fussy baby.  The best trick for getting great photographs is to come right AFTER nap time.  So plan accordingly.  Please do not schedule for anyone other than yourself.  Please do not erase anyone elses name or position and put your own.


PAYMENT/Retainer fee/Refunds:

Session fee’s are due the day of your photo session.  You’ll need to put down a retainer fee to hold your spot.  It’s $50 and is non refundable, payable through paypal to itsyphotography@gmail.com.    In the case that your child is ill, if you or I can find a replacement for your spot I do offer a partial refund of $25.  Payment is due the day of your session in full.  You can always purchase extra photos after you view your online gallery.  (See “Purchases”.)   Please bring CASH OR CHECK ONLY to your session.



Extra digital images are $50 for each digital image, emailed to you with the print release.  All images purchased are fully edited, high resolution images.  Prints, Canvases, and other products are available for purchase as well through your online gallery.



Full sessions include either one child, or your whole (immediate) family (depending on your package option.)  Full pricing is listed here for convenience.  For each extra person in the mini sessions, please add $50 per person.


Are you ready to sign up?  Please do it from your regular computer, as cell phones and/or tablets may have a hard time with this kind of link.



Please direct any questions to Ela at itsyphotography@gmail.com.





Sneak Peek for you! Coming soon…..

Thursday, September 17th, 2015

So excited to share this with you!!!  My good friend Jennifer with Paperbox Media made these amazing videos for Itsy Photography to help you get an inside peek at what we are all about!  I can’t wait to share the full videos with you, but for now, enjoy this peek!


The tears are streaming down already… We are moving. {Washington D.C. , Virginia, Metro Area Photographer}

Wednesday, August 12th, 2015

Yes.  That’s right.  Itsy Photography is MOVING.

We’ve taken a temporary position for my hubby’s job in the Washington D.C. area and our family is moving in TWO WEEKS.  I seriously can hardly write this I’m so sad.  Don’t get me wrong… We are EXTREMELY excited and anxiously awaiting the move with eager anticipation… What an amazing adventure this will be for our family!  2 years on the other side of the country.  New home, new friends, new jobs… and NO California sun!  While we are very happy to embark on this journey, we are still very sad that we have to leave our amazing home, friends, and really our family that we’ve acquired here in the San Jose area.   I feel like I have a HUGE family here at Itsy Photography as well… Many of you I’ve known for years, and have watched your kids grow inch by inch!  I LOVE you all and I have LOVED getting to know you and your families on such a personal level.  What an amazing “job” I have had!

So here we come Washington D.C.!  (Falls Church Virginia to be exact.)  We will come back to the Bay Area in 2 years (maybe sooner).  During our absence, I MAY fly back occasionally to schedule sessions.  These will most likely only be outdoor sessions.  Please keep posted on my Facebook and Instagram feeds to be notified of my schedule!  Also, if you’d like to be added to my email list, please sign up HERE with your information so that I can add you to my list.  (This is how you get to know about all the special promotions and offers, so be sure to sign up!)

Also, if you are like me and need a Girls Night Out, then go sign up for my Photography Class!  It’s going to be my last “hurrah” here and I hope to leave you with enough photography skills to make it while I’m gone :)))  Click HERE to read more!

On another note, we are renting our house out while we are gone!  Here are the photos of the coolest house in the world…  Goodbye for now old friend…

front entryway gated copy

back patio and fire pit copy

avocado trees copy

lemon and lime trees copy


formal dining area copy

G35A8957living room 2 copy

Kitchen and lounge dining room copy

lounge dining area and kitchen copy

down stairs half bath copy

downstairs half bathroom copy

studio added on room copy

studio looking out sliding glass doors copy


guest bedroom end of hall copy

kids room 1 copy

kids room middle copy

master bathroom copy

Master bedroom copy

Upstairs Bathroom copy


Email me if you are interested!