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Baby Kendall Cake Smash Photography 1 year old {San Jose Cake Smash Photographer}

Monday, October 14th, 2013



Doesn’t get cuter than this!  Kendall was so happy about turning 1 yr old!  I was so happy I got to meet her 🙂

IMG_1664 copy

IMG_1622 copy

IMG_1637 copy

IMG_1609 copy

IMG_1700 copy

IMG_1763 copy

IMG_1750 copy

IMG_1746 copy

IMG_1739 copy

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Baby Kaito, World Traveler! {San Jose Cake Smash Photographer, Around the World Birthday Theme}

Friday, October 11th, 2013



This was a first for me- SUCH a cute idea for a birthday theme.  And I must say that Mr. Kaito was a doll with his little hat and suitcases all ready to go!  I was also aMAZED at the cake Tess’ Treats made for this session.  THAT PLANE!!!!  Enjoy!

IMG_0870 copy

IMG_0914 copy

IMG_0894 copy

IMG_0836 copy

IMG_0790 copy

IMG_0796 copy

IMG_0799 copy

IMG_0821 copy


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