Baby Boys Twins Session, Baby Hudson and Harper, Twin Baby Boys {San Jose, Baby Area, Arizona Newborn Baby Twin photographer}

Well since you all know these two boys already… I probably don’t need to introduce them.. but I LOOOOOOVE them so much I will anyway!  These are my 2 adorable nephews and their gorgeous parents.  Ahhhh- sigh. I can’t say enough about how fun and exciting it was to travel out to see them when they were just 13 days old for their twin photoshoot!  I must say, the lighting was a bit harsher than I would’ve liked… and TOTALLY different than my studio lighting, but the lifestyle-type pics of the whole family are my VERY FAVORITE.  It was so natural and spontaneous.  I enjoyed how fresh and fun and CHALLENGING it was to help create the feel of their home and family life.  I just died of happiness at how they turned out 🙂

Their daddy’s a pilot, and also loves to play the guitar (and happens to be my twin 😉 so we had to incorporate those things of course.   This was the LONGEST SESSION YET.  It was 11 hours long!!!!  Other than a few bites of mac-and-cheese somewhere around the 6th hour, there were virtually no breaks.  It was the funnest flippin’ time ever- I got to know these two so well!  What a special time for me to get to hold them so much and stare in their sweet faces for so long!  So. Worth. It. All.  Thank you to my bro and sis-in-law for letting me be a part of this.  I’ll hold it in my heart forever!  Meet Hudson and Harper (Hudson has the hair in case you were wondering which is which 🙂

IMG_8423 copy

IMG_8127 copy

IMG_8148vintage copy

IMG_8161 copy

IMG_8266 copy

IMG_8283 copy

IMG_8625 copy

IMG_8299 copy

IMG_8333vintage copy

IMG_8350vintage copy

IMG_8098 copy

IMG_8295 copy

IMG_8453 copy

IMG_8480birthm out copy

This kid is already famous for his expressions…

IMG_8492 copy

IMG_8235 copy

IMG_8533 copy

IMG_8538 copy

IMG_8550vintage copy

IMG_8577heartland 30 copy

IMG_8585 copy

IMG_8604 copy

IMG_8616vintage matched with twin copy

baby newborn boy with a guitar newborn pose on a guitar

baby newborn boy twins in an air plane outside aviator newborn prop posing idea

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