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The tears are streaming down already… We are moving. {Washington D.C. , Virginia, Metro Area Photographer}

Wednesday, August 12th, 2015

Yes.  That’s right.  Itsy Photography is MOVING.

We’ve taken a temporary position for my hubby’s job in the Washington D.C. area and our family is moving in TWO WEEKS.  I seriously can hardly write this I’m so sad.  Don’t get me wrong… We are EXTREMELY excited and anxiously awaiting the move with eager anticipation… What an amazing adventure this will be for our family!  2 years on the other side of the country.  New home, new friends, new jobs… and NO California sun!  While we are very happy to embark on this journey, we are still very sad that we have to leave our amazing home, friends, and really our family that we’ve acquired here in the San Jose area.   I feel like I have a HUGE family here at Itsy Photography as well… Many of you I’ve known for years, and have watched your kids grow inch by inch!  I LOVE you all and I have LOVED getting to know you and your families on such a personal level.  What an amazing “job” I have had!

So here we come Washington D.C.!  (Falls Church Virginia to be exact.)  We will come back to the Bay Area in 2 years (maybe sooner).  During our absence, I MAY fly back occasionally to schedule sessions.  These will most likely only be outdoor sessions.  Please keep posted on my Facebook and Instagram feeds to be notified of my schedule!  Also, if you’d like to be added to my email list, please sign up HERE with your information so that I can add you to my list.  (This is how you get to know about all the special promotions and offers, so be sure to sign up!)

Also, if you are like me and need a Girls Night Out, then go sign up for my Photography Class!  It’s going to be my last “hurrah” here and I hope to leave you with enough photography skills to make it while I’m gone :)))  Click HERE to read more!

On another note, we are renting our house out while we are gone!  Here are the photos of the coolest house in the world…  Goodbye for now old friend…

front entryway gated copy

back patio and fire pit copy

avocado trees copy

lemon and lime trees copy


formal dining area copy

G35A8957living room 2 copy

Kitchen and lounge dining room copy

lounge dining area and kitchen copy

down stairs half bath copy

downstairs half bathroom copy

studio added on room copy

studio looking out sliding glass doors copy


guest bedroom end of hall copy

kids room 1 copy

kids room middle copy

master bathroom copy

Master bedroom copy

Upstairs Bathroom copy


Email me if you are interested!

Photography Class- Girls Night Out! {San Jose Bay Area Photography Classes}

Wednesday, August 12th, 2015


August 21st, 2015 at 7pm:  Itsy Photography’s Studio, South San Jose  (YES- it’s in a week… I’m hoping to give one last HURRAH before my move to Washington D.C. so that I can teach you the photography skills you’ll need to know to SURVIVE without me while I’m gone. :))))  I’ll be posting more about my move sooooon… I know this may come as a shock to some of you.  It’s all happened quite suddenly.  You can read more about our move HERE!

I get questions ALL THE TIME from Mommies, Grandma’s, Friends, Aunties, etc.. that just want to learn more about how to take a BETTER photo!  Did you know that for the first 2 years of my photography career I was shooting on AUTOMATIC????  YES- the secret is OUT.  It’s true.  MOST of photography isn’t knowing your camera at all.  To me, photography is about TELLING A STORY.  To do this, the most important thing is your subject, the lighting, angles, and the way you capture it all.   To do this, all one needs is a trigger finger, and half of a brain (let’s face it girls, sometimes us Mommies are runnin’ a little on empty…) lol.  THAT’s IT.

Come learn with me and I’ll teach you how to snap GREAT photos with any camera (even your phone camera!) and you’ll LOVE it.  This will be a fun, enjoyable, relaxing, exciting, AMAZING night out with a group of ladies just like YOU.  This will be my trial class to open up more classes, and depending on how this goes I may offer up a field day class where we will go outdoors and put in to practice all we’ve learned.   Spots will be limited, and only those that have taken this first course will be able to register for the 2nd, outdoor class.  Outdoor classes will depend on my ability to fly back home and host some dates.

Snacks, treats,  and drinks will be provided.  YOU. WILL. LOVE. THIS.

Girl Tog Photography Class

So- how do you register??  Easy!  Click HERE and follow the sign up instructions!  You’ll be directed to pay though Paypal.. so if you don’t have a paypal account then let me know.   Spots are first come first serve!

You’ll receive an email confirmation confirming the receipt within 48 hours, as well as the address and instructions on how to prepare for your class.



*You must have a camera- even if it’s just your phone camera.  PREFERRED cameras include: Digital, SLR camera’s (camera’s with detachable lenses.)  Any brand will do.

*Fun personality (This is a MUST.)


Refunds:  Refunds will be give up to 5 days before the class.  Any cancellations after this will be non-refundable.  You can give your spot away if that works out for you!


Topics Covered:

Lighting, Camera basics, gear, angles, TIPS and TRICKS, general photography basics, makeup tips, what to wear tips, general printing basics, how to get emotions to come out, and did I say tips and tricks???  Cuz there will be TONS of those!  And MUCH much more.