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Baby Axel {San Jose Baby Photographer}

Wednesday, June 26th, 2013

You know this little guy was just plain sweet.  He charmed us all with his gorgeous eyes and dapper smile.  Such a fun baby to photograph!  What an awesome Grandma to give this photoshoot to Axel and his Mommy as a gift!

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Trick- 1 year old {Bay Area Photographer}

Thursday, June 20th, 2013

This photo session was a year in the making!  It was so nice to meet Trick and his Mommy.  Before Trick was born, all the friends went in on getting gift certificates for his first photo shoot.  When his birth ended up buying a long stay in the NICU, his big debut was postponed.  Finally, we were able to plan his big session, and his Mommy and I spent a good 2 hours parading around trying our darndest to get ANY sort of smile out of him.  (She had warned me he wasn’t a huge smile-for-the-camera-type of kid)  What we DID get was a handful of personality- and a lot of fun.  Here’s to you Trick!  Thanks for coming to see me!

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Baby "K" {San Jose Newborn Photographer}

Tuesday, June 18th, 2013

All the newborn squishy goodness was in our session.  Baby K was as adorable as can be, constantly making faces at us and stretching, stretching, stretching away.  She has the most scrumptious lips and cheeks to die for.  It was so fun meeting her.  Welcome to the world!!!

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